TEDx Flanders main event

Theme of this year: Naked


Get your tickets now for the TEDxFlanders' main event in the Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp.

At this year’s TEDxFlanders we’re getting NAKED! Figuratively speaking of course! We take a look at who we are as we face this crazy, wonderful world; no bullshit, no pretense, no fake social media persona, just ourselves and who we really are in the present moment. Join us in our journey to strip bare and break down the barriers that we’ve created around us. Get ready to be inspired by others who, standing before you, alone on stage, with only their ideas and inspirations to guide them, present their world to you, stripped bare, pure, NAKED.

Day ticket costs 79€, including beverages and lunch.




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TEDxFlanders 2014: first talks online


TEDxFlanders 2014: first talks online

The first 2 talks are online: Luc Bonneux with a talk in Dutch about 1Aging and Pieter-Jan Bouten about Entrepreneurship. Click for more info to look at the talks...

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Follow TEDxFlanders 2014 Live!


Follow TEDxFlanders 2014 Live!

Can't make it to the event today? Watch the Livestream here!


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