Why you should experience TEDxFlanders

07/03/2014 - Melinda Caliendo

Why you should experience TEDxFlanders

Still undecided on whether you should attend TEDxFlanders? Here's why it's a can't-miss event!

You have probably watched TED videos online, and maybe even met someone who attended an event. But until you experience TED for yourself, how can you know what you'll gain from attending?

Now is your chance to experience what some call a “spa for your brain” through TEDxFlanders. Hosted at the Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp, speakers from all over the world will present their “ideas worth spreading” during a full day event.

"TED talks satisfy my hunger for knowledge, curiosity and understanding," said Christophe Cop, TEDxFlanders organizer. "The wide range of topics makes it possible to enrich my look on this world. It stimulates creativity as more and more connections can be made."


"TED talks are a true inspiration for business leaders and people wanting to find out more about the world and how they can change it," said Hans Smellinckx, who handles marketing and sponsors for TEDxFlanders. "Experiencing a full day of TED is something else. You get not only a huge amount of positive energy, but also a mirror on your own life. That's why I try to convince everybody to come to our great event in March."


In addition to hearing from internationally-known artists and scientists, TEDxFlanders participants can experience interactive demonstrations and meet other innovative minds from their own community. And in addition to the food for your mind, you'll also get a great meal provided by top catering company Outré.


"You meet people who later become among your best friends or business partners," Cop added. "As I hope you can enjoy and share my passion."

Haven't booked your tickets yet? Purchase today to ensure access to an inspiring, fun day!


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