The naked truth about numbers

20/01/2014 - Melinda Caliendo

The naked truth about numbers

Dr. Richard D. Gill, professor of mathematics at Leiden University, is passionate about statistics. More than just numbers and probabilities, Gill is hopeful that better use of statistics will mean better results in fields ranging from courtroom justice to medicine to academia.

Gill's talk at TEDxFlanders will be less about the science of statistics, though, and more about how statistics can be dangerous when incorrectly applied. Gill is most widely-known for his analysis of the Lucia de Berk case, in which a den Hague nurse was wrongly imprisioned for six years after faulty statistical analysis was used to convict her of seven murders and three attempted murders.

The de Berk case, which has been turned into a feature film to be released in April, is just one example of where statiscal errors can be dangerous. Gill is passionate about medical errors and academic and scientific fraud; He will share the naked truth about numbers and how we use them at TEDxFlanders.

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