TEDxFlanders 2014: the technology free zone

22/03/2014 - Hans Smellinckx

TEDxFlanders 2014: the technology free zone

For the first time at a main event of TEDxFlanders, we want you to get naked... to disconnect. Put down technology and enjoy a full day of innovative talks without being disrupted by your smartphone or tablet. In return, you can sit at the best spot and on the latest design furniture.

TEDxFlanders partnered with Xpouf, distributed by Panta Panta.

In front of everybody, you will be able to sit on the latest, innovative furniture. Only 30 seats are available, and are first come, first serve.

So pick the colour that suits you most and enjoy it!Xpouf .28

 The technology free zone can be located here in the theater:



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