TEDxFlanders Naked: Main event 2013

23/06/2013 - Hans Smellinckx

TEDxFlanders Naked: Main event 2013

TEDxFlanders Naked: Main event 2013


Do you remember the first time you had to make a presentation as a small child in front of your class? You stood there naked, with just you and the words you hoped would come out - full of hope for the future and what was to come, full of dreams and expectations. After last year's Introspection, this year TEDxFlanders is going Naked. A look at what we are now as we bare ourselves against the world and what we will be in the future.


Stadsschouwburg, 21 September 2013

Join us on September 21st at TEDxFlanders 2013 Naked in the Stadsschouwburg, Antwerp, where you'll get a full day of spectacular speakers from all around the world in a true TED style event with a mixture of local and international speakers and performers. Expect to be both inspired and amazed!

Interested in joining us? Ticket sales are open and tickets sell at just €79 per person. Buy your tickets here.


TEDxYouth@Flanders on the same day!

The next TEDxYouth@Flanders will also take place on the 21st of September. 100 children will have the opportunity to enjoy a full day of workshops, creative talks and inspiring presentations in an event tailored to their needs. The event will be organized in the neighborhood of the TEDx Flanders main event. We invite all children between the ages of 9 and 15 to join us at TEDxYouth@Flanders 2013.



Tickets for both TEDxYouth@Flanders and TEDxFlanders can be bought here.


See you at TEDxFlanders Naked 2013 or at TEDxYouth@Flanders 2013!

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