Bringing the Technology, Entertainment and Design

23/03/2014 - Melinda Caliendo

Bringing the Technology, Entertainment and Design

It will be impossible to miss Maakbaar and beyond io at TEDxFlanders on March 26. The two Antwerp companies are bringing the technology, the entertainment and the design that makes TEDxFlanders the exciting event it is.

Maakbaar, a no-nonsense laser-cutting company, has used their technology and talent to create the on-stage, three dimensional TEDx letters. The Antwerp shop has graciously donated the letters to the organization, and they will be used for years to come! Check out to learn what is possible with lasercutting and how you might be able to make something really cool yourself.

Their sister-company, beyond io, is bringing their latest concept to demo at TEDxFlanders. Always looking for cool new music? Miss the mixed-tape era? Meet beyond io's latest development, XII (twelve). By combining iPhone app technology with the throwback experience of discovering new music, beyond io will showcase a creative and surprising new way to discover music. To download the app to your iPhone to use at TEDxFlanders, go to, and don't forget to pick up a mixed tape while you're at the event!

These are just two of the amazing demonstrators who will be sharing their latest designs on Wednesday at TEDxFlanders 2014. Make sure to stop by their tables and the rest of the innovation village during one of the speaker breaks!

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