Taste the romance with grasshoppers

14/02/2014 - Melinda Caliendo

Taste the romance with grasshoppers

Candles lit, wine poured and grasshoppers on the plate? Now you can show your Valentine how much you love them by preparing a meal with the most basic protein: Insects! All thanks to TEDxFlanders speaker Peter de Batist!

De Batist, an ecologist from Flanders, has been promoting insects-as-food since the 1960's, and late last year the Belgian food-safety administration approved ten insects safe for human consumption with de Batist's help.

According to de Batist, insects have a very "fine taste" and provide solutions to a range of problems, from dietary to environmental. Now Belgians can purchase insects for consumption, and there are even restaurants adding insect-based dishes to their menus!

What says "romance" more than a high-protein, low-environmental-impact meal of locusts and larvae? How about tickets to the TEDxFlanders event 26 March, where you can hear Peter de Batist talk about the benefits of eating our tiny neighbors! Get your tickets today!

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