Pancake Art

05/09/2013 - Roisin Traynor

Pancake Art

Nathan Shields is a happy stay-at-home dad. 'A professional dad,' as he calls it. And what do professional dads do? Well, according to Nathan, they bake pancakes. But this time, there's more to it then entertaining the kids. Nathan is currently taking a hiatus from teaching high school mathematics. That explains why distinguished scientists like Maria Agnesi, Carl Gauss, Linus Pauling and the more well known Einstein and Da Vinci received a portrait on his blog.

It can be hard to gain attention in a maths class full of tumultuous youth. Not so for Nathan. He entertains his students with tasty mathematical figures. Suddenly, snowflakes, polygons and an extra detailed series of heptagons or fractal dimensions appear much more digestable.

If you feel like it's time to make your pancake dreams come true, you can always commission a pancake. Would you like some unicellular eukaryotic organisms, dinosaurs or exotic birds on your plate? For only $100, Nathan will cook them up for you. But be aware that you'll be supporting environmental organisations. 100% of the profits are donated to the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Pacific Marine Resources Institute.                                            

You never had a better excuse for an addiction like this one! Enjoy your breakfast with pancake art, brought to you by Nathan Shields and TEDxFlanders.

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