Marieke Hart: When I'm Most 'Naked'

03/02/2014 - Melinda Caliendo

Marieke Hart: When I'm Most 'Naked'

Marieke Hart is no stranger to the world of TEDx. Last year she spoke about her meal-sharing website, (Share Your Meal), at TEDxBrainport. Luckily for us, MariekeĀ is returning to TEDx to speak at TEDxFlanders on March 26th.

Since launching the site, Hart's definition of when she feels most naked has changed dramatically.

"One of the inspiring things about working with your own initiative ... is that it is both personal and professional," Hart said. "Prior to this, in my work I always made the distinction that this is Marieke the private person and this is Marieke the professional. That distinction kind of vanished with Share Your Meal. I'm just me. I'm me the mom, I'm me the person who tries to get people to share their meals, so everything I do with Share Your Meal I try to do as me."

"When you say "naked", it can also mean vulnerable," Hart said. "You can also say authentic - that means you can be in your strength or in your power."

Hart said criticism of professional choices can hurt personally because of this authenticity.

"That's really upsetting if people doubt your motives," Hart said. "I try to be as open and honest and authentic as I can, but that also means that criticism hurts more."

Learn more about Marieke and her work bringing people together at TEDxFlanders on March 26th. Get your tickets today.

Watch Marieke's TEDxBrainport talk from 2013!

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