It's time to get Naked

27/01/2014 - Melinda Caliendo

It's time to get Naked

In our overpowered, over challenged world great ideas are the most valuable inputs one can get. Valuable enough to enrich your quality of life, boost your entrepreneurial insight, and influence your future choices. Developing ideas, nourishing them and spreading them is why we organize TEDx events.

And we've lined up a ton of them for you on the 26th of March. Talks that get naked. Transparent, unveiling, surprising, honest, straightforward, open. That is TEDxFlanders 2014 NAKED.

Join Us For More Than a Day...

Tapping into TEDxFlanders can be much more than listening to great talks and interacting with the crowd on one single day. Maybe you could consider becoming a sponsor (if you think this could be something for your company) a volunteer (if you think this could be something for yourself) or just a fan (follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter).

Get Your NAKED Tickets Now

Treat yourself to a shower for the mind, a full day of viewing, sharing, living the TEDx talks and crowd. Get your tickets today!

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