Everything you need to know about the Main Event

05/03/2014 - Melinda Caliendo

Everything you need to know about the Main Event

TEDxFlanders 2014 happens four weeks from today. Here's everything you need to know to get you ready for Wednesday, March 26.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets can be purchased on the TEDxFlanders website, or by clicking here.

What do I get for 79 euros?

With your ticket, you gain access to an all day event, featuring more than 20 speakers from around the world. In addition to the TEDx talks, there are workshops to participate in, an innovation market to explore and networking with hundreds of other TEDx enthusiasts. Lunch and beverages are also included in the price of the ticket, not to mention the creativity boost reported by many past attendees!

The theme is Naked - should I wear clothes?

Absolutely, yes! This year's theme is about naked ideas, not naked humans! We're dropping pretense on topics like the environment, health, entertainment, technology and statistics. While we encourage attendees to lose the suit, we do want everyone to be clothed.

Will all the speakers be talking in English?

Yes, because the talks will be live streamed and rebroadcast around the world.

It's on a Wednesday, how do I get my boss to give me a whole day off?

TEDxFlanders is all about creativity, innovation and leadership - everything an employer could want in an employee. So why not suggest your whole office or team attend? Not only will it provide a great opportunity to better know your co-workers outside the office, but maybe one of the presenters or workshops will spark the next big business idea!

I've heard TEDx is all about ideas and not a lot of action... what have the TEDxFlanders speakers done?

Turning innovation into application is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. The TEDxFlanders speakers are not only great innovators, but they put their ideas into action.

Davy Kestens and Marieke Hart are entrepreneurs that have started their own businesses; Louis-Philippe Loncke was the first man to map the entire shore of Lake Titicaca; Richard Gill used his knowledge of statistics to help free a wrongly-convicted woman from life in prison.

Our speakers are not just people who have great ideas -- they are people who put great ideas into motion.

Are you still looking for volunteers?

Yes! We are looking for people to help out the day of the event, March 26. Volunteering will get you free entry, and depending on what your assignment is, you should be able to see many of the speakers. Volunteers get great access to speakers, sponsors and other volunteers. Contact us at for more information about how you can get involved.

I have more questions!

Reach out to us at, or check out our Contact page for more information!

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