We organize the TEDxFlanders events because we like Ideas Worth Spreading, the international motto of TED (What is this TED, anyway?). All of us are into creativity and improving things.

Some interesting facts & figures about us:

  • - The oldest TEDx organisation in Belgium and the Benelux
  • - The 6th oldest in Europe
  • - Founded in 2008 and became a TEDx in July 2009
  • - More than 100 volunteers
  • - More than 10 million views of our talks on Youtube
  • - Our first event was the 65th event on the TEDx list

Because we bring together a large number of creative people, amazing things can happen. The organization has grown from a small meeting amongst friends to what it is today, a huge event where more than 1000 people share ideas and thoughts. Join our community and share some of that positive energy!